Concerning optimizing our comfort in our own homes – something we go to great lengths to achieve – the proper performance of our air conditioner and the heater is paramount to our success. Discovering, and ensuring, the maximum efficacy of the systems first is determined by understanding their performance.

All of us know that our home AC and heater are utilized to adjust our inner temperature. The air conditioner lowers the temperature in the house so that we’re comfortable in warmer weather; in contrast, the heater is used to elevate the temperature in the house so that we’re comfortable in colder weather.

However, the air conditioner and heater also play roles in moderating humidity inside the home then affecting our comfort level. Humidity is characterized by the degree of moisture in the atmosphere. Humidity can vastly affect our comfort level; as a point of reference, the human body responds to a relative humidity level between 20% and 60%.

When the outside temperature is between 20°F and 70°F, the humidity level inside our houses is usually inside this comfort level.

But in more extreme temperatures, the humidity level – and the temperature – inside our houses have to be altered to maximize comfort. When using the air conditioner and heater, humidity levels will also adjust accordingly.